S ensory                                                                                 

     H eritage,                                                             
          A rchaeology,   and                       

               A rchitectural                  

                   R esearch  in           


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The SHAARP Network is an open, international, and multidisciplinary network for academics and practitioners who approach the past environment via sensory experience. It offers a shared platform for individuals from any discipline to connect and access regular forums for exchange through publications, online gatherings, and in-person events. The network serves to promote the sensory investigation of the past, fostering links between diverse disciplines to develop high-quality research, greater clarity regarding research methods, and a stronger profile overall for sensory-related work on the historic environment.

As part of our ongoing activities, we host regular online research group meetings that are open to the public. You are welcome to JOIN.


Sara Mura PhD candidate at  Kiel Unviersity, Cluster of Excellence ROOTS

Pamela Jordan, Registered Architect (US), LEED AP
PhD candidate and affiliated researcher, School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture, University of Amsterdam

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